MoMo tariff

Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money tariffs

Now you can enjoy MoMo tariffs when making use of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money. By simply joining our world of better mobile money management, you can send and receive LRD (Liberian Dollars) and USD (United States Dollars) securely, and with peace of mind. It's quick, safe and convenient. Simply dial *156# from your Lonestar Cell MTN cellphone to join Mobile Money and access MoMo tariffs today.

Mobile Money User
Service Min Max Fee (LRD) Min Max Fee (USD)
LRD401LRD1 000LRD30USD5.01USD12$0.30
LRD1 001 LRD6 000LRD50USD12.01USD70$0.60
LRD6 001LRD15 000LRD100USD70.01USD165USD1
LRD15 001 LRD35 000LRD130USD165.01USD395USD1.50
LRD35 001 LRD55 000LRD200USD395.01USD615USD2
LRD55 001 LRD75 000LRD250USD615.01USD835USD2.50
LRD75 001 LRD125 000LRD350USD835.01 USD1 395USD3.50
LRD125 001​LRD150 000LRD400 USD1 395 USD1 675USD4.50
LRD150 001LRD170 000LRD450 USD1 675.01USD2 000USD5.00
Mobile Money User
Min Max Fee (LRD) Min Max Fee (USD)
LRD401LRD1 000LRD75USD5.01USD12$0.80
LRD1 001LRD6 000LRD150USD12.01USD70USD1.50
LRD6 001LRD15 000LRD250USD70.01USD165USD2.50
LRD15 001LRD35 000LRD400USD165.01USD395USD4.50
LRD35 001LRD55000LRD600USD395.01USD615USD6.50
LRD55 001LRD75 000LRD750USD615.01USD835USD8
LRD75 001LRD125 000LRD1 100USD835.01USD1 395USD12
LRD125 001LRD150 000LRD1 250USD1 395USD1 675USD13
LRD150 001LRD170 000LRD1 400USD1 675.01USD2 000USD1
Non- Mobile Money User
Min Max Fee (LRD) Min Max Fee (USD)
LRD401LRD1 000LRD100USD5.01USD12USD1
LRD1 001LRD6 000LRD175USD12.01USD70USD2
LRD6 001LRD15 000LRD275USD70.01USD165USD3
LRD15 001LRD35 000LRD425USD165.01USD395USD4.50
LRD35 001LRD55 000LRD625USD395.01USD615USD7
LRD55 001LRD75 000LRD775USD615.01USD835USD9
LRD75 001LRD125 000LRD1 125USD835.01USD395USD12
LRD125 001LRD150 000LRD1 275USD1 395.0USD1 675USD14
LRD150 001LRD170 000LRD1 425USD1 675.01USD2 000USD6

LEC Fees

Range Fee (LRD) Fee (USD)
Min Max Fee Min Max Fee
LRD8001LRD15 000LRD175USD71USD160USD2.50
LRD15 001LRD80 000LRD200USD161USD800USD3
LRD80 001LRD100 000LRD250USD801USD1200USD3.50
LRD100 001LRD170 000LRD275USD1201USD2000USD4


Bouquet Code Bouquet Description Price USD LRD
Fees USD Min Max Fees LRD
DualW4DStv Dual View Access Charge W4USD12USD1 LRD0 LRD1 300 LRD100
HDPVRWDStv High Definition Access W4USD12
PVRW4DStv PVR Access Service W4USD12
ACSSW4DStv Access Bouquet W4USD14
FRN11W7DStv French 11 AddonUSD18USD1.5 LRD1 301 LRD3 500 LRD150
FRN4W7DStv French 4 AddonUSD18
COFAMW4DStv Family Bouquet W4USD26
COMPACTDStv Compact Bouquet W4USD34
FRN15W7DStv French 15 AddonUSD36
ASIAW4Asian Bouquet KU-BAND W4USD40USD2 LRD3 501 LRD6 000 LRD175
FRNASIFrench & Asian Combined W4 BouquetUSD43
COMPLW7DStv Compact Plus W7USD64
PRWW4DStv Premium WestUSD91$USD3 LRD6 001 LRD35 000 LRD250
PRWASIDStv Premium West & AsiaUSD109
PRWFRN2Premium West + French Bouquet 2USD109
PRWFP2WDStv Premium West_Porto_FrenchUSD133

School Fees

Service Transaction range Min Max
Min Max Fees LRD Fees USD
School Fees PaymentLRD100LRD7 000LRD75$1$70$0.50
LRD7 001LRD15 000LRD100USD71USD150USD1
LRD15 001LRD35 000LRD125USD151USD250$1.50

To benefit from the MoMo tariff from Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money, simply dial *156# from your mobile phone.​

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