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Lonestar Cell MTN Cellphone Internet bundles and data plans

Enjoy fast, affordable internet browsing when you make use of Lonestar Cell MTN cellphone internet data bundles. To access the various data plans we have available, simply dial *352# on your cell phone. Use the menu displayed to select the right option for you. It couldn't be easier!

Using our USSD menu to connect to the internet is cheap and convenient – it doesn't matter how long you are connected, but is rather focused on how many bytes you download / use. It's simply ideal for browsing and downloading.

Lonestar Cell MTN New Internet Data Bundle bonus offer

Lonestar Cell MTN now offers the best deal ever! You can get a 100% bonus on any internet data bundle that you buy from Lonestar Cell MTN. Receive an instant bonus with every purchase making it possible for you to browse better, and for longer with the widest coverage, and the best GSM provider in Liberia.​

Bundles that relate to this offer include:

50 MB500 MB2 GB
Price $ 0.50
Validity:​1 Day
Price $1.00
Validity:1 Day
​Price $5.00
​Validity:30 Days
Whatsapp & Web BrowsingWhatsapp, Skype, IMO, & Web BrowsingWhatsapp, Skype, IMO, & Web Browsing

10 GB20 GB40 GB
Price $ 20.00
Validity:30 Days
Price $40.00
Validity:30 Days
Price $60.00
Validity:30 Days​
Music Streaming, Email, Gaming, Facebook, Web Surfing Photo uploadYoutube, Emails, Facebook, Gaming, Web Surfing, Photo UploadDownload HD Movies, youtube, Emails, Facebook, Web Surfing, Gaming, Photo Upload

For more information, feel free to call 111 or dial *352# on your cellphone to view our available data bundles.​

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