Sponsorship Criteria​

Lonestar Cell MTN receives a great amount of sponsorship proposals each year. And to help facilitate smoother approval process, there are certain criteria that should be included in the proposal. We would be more than glad to receive your proposals when they adequately meet our Social Corporate responsibilities. We've identified a set of criteria that could tailored your proposal to get you started. Please also take note of Lonestar Cell MTN core brand values before drafting out your proposal.

General Consideration

  1. We will consider proposals that are aligned with our current sponsorship portfolio (Sports, Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle).
  2. We do not consider proposals directed to individuals / political and religious properties.
  3. We prefer to invest in sponsorship that promote audience research during and/or after the event.
  4. We will need a minimum of 4 months to initiate a legal agreement to a sponsorship property.​

Some questions to think about before starting your proposal​

  • Would the sponsorship be in line with Lonestar Cell MTN business and communication objectives?
  • Is there a strategic fit between the Lonestar Cell MTN target market and yours?
  • Will the event have strong media element to allow Lonestar Cell MTN to reach a broad segment of the target market?
  • Will sponsoring the event drive customers to Lonestar Cell MTN network?
  • Will sponsoring the event reward loyal customers?
  • Will sponsoring the event drive sales usage?
  • Will the sponsorship offer a favorable return on investment?​​​​

​You Proposal MUST include: ​

  • Key details of the opportunity, including sponsorship investment and expected Return on Investment.
  • Overview of your key objectives, marketing, advertising & communication plans – including what is and is not confirmed.
  • List of rights holders, media partners and sponsors who have committed to date.
  • A comprehensive list of what the right packages entails and perceived benefits/value to Lonestar Cell MTN, including how they relate to us and our products.
  • Timeline including important deadlines.