Lonestar cell MTN foundation

​​The Lonestar Cell MTN Liberia Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management structure for the Lonestar Cell MTN activity is associated within MTN's 22 operations.

The Lonestar Cell MTN hold the distinction of the first GSM Company operating in Liberia, in its national Pride within a multinational network. Lonestar Cell MTN has had a unique opportunity to meaningfully impact Liberian institutions, communities and citizens. Since our founding in 2001, we have invested over $6 Million in our corporate and social responsibility initiatives, supporting diverse projects in county development, infrastructure rehabilitation, education, health and social welfare, sports and recreation and disaster and emergency response. As a corporate partner and donor, Lonestar Cell MTN has been a "go to" resource for philanthropic ventures, modelling good corporate citizenship and enabling a cross-section of Liberians to participate in and contribute to the development process. We are committed to a social investment framework that impacts and promotes the well-being of Liberians across the nation, particularly low-resourced and under-served communities and populations.

Lonestar Cell MTN understands that fostering a corporate culture that values community engagement, is an important aspect of corporate social responsibility and investment (CSRI).In 2007, the company implemented an annual volunteerism initiative through which over 200 staff, representing all departments and positions, worked in teams to implement and participate in carefully selected projects. These have included major renovations of public infrastructure, construction of new facilities, support to national and international campaigns such as World Malaria Day, and more. As one employee said about her hands-on experience, "It brought to life what 'making an impact' really means and looks like. Here was this school, damaged by the war and basically turned into a dump site in the middle of the community and in three weeks, we were able to change that."

"21 Days of Y'ello Care" and other CSRI initiatives have benefited individuals and communities throughout the length and breadth of this county. Initiatives are identified in consideration to the community's priorities and in collaboration with strategic partners. Over the past ten years, we have proudly worked with government ministries and institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Liberia National Police; with non-governmental organizations such as Population Services International and the Liberian Red Cross; and with regional and global stakeholders such as the Organization for African Unity, United States Agency for International Development and the World Food Program. Reflecting on 10 years of corporate leadership in Liberia, the management of   Lonestar Cell MTN identified a new goal: an entity that would maximize financial, technical, and human resources to address key national challenges and build on existing accomplishments to impact the future of CSRI in Liberia.

The launch of Lonestar Cell MTN Foundation in May, 2012 is the realization of that goal.

An autonomous entity led by its own Board of Trustees, the Foundation has been established to direct and manage investment in two designated CSRI priority sectors: education and healthcare. In education, emphasis will be on enabling Information and Communications Technology (ICT) learning and teaching to develop a national culture and knowledge base that will equip Liberians for the digital age. In health and social welfare, the Foundation will direct funding towards the critical issue of access, supporting quality care and modern services to advance the well-being of greater number of Liberians.

The main aim of the Foundation is to have a broad community impacting and supporting national and international development priorities. It facilitates partnership and the sharing of resources to achieve mutual objectives.​